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LA BERRY WEDDING & DECORATION was founded  in 2014 and is headquartered in Penang. Up to now, it has always been a wedding photography and rental gown company that is popular among celebrities.  LA BERRY WEDDING & DECORATION  is synonymous with the top wedding dress in Penang , not only leading the trend of high-class dress, but also celebrity The best target for the most important stage of life, just because they all know that to show their most beautiful side in the most crucial moment of life, only to find the best and most trustworthy, no doubt, this laurel is only LA BERRY WEDDING & DECORATION  can match.

At the beginning of its establishment, the company has been elegantly and beautifully, fashionable and romantic, with unique and innovative products, which are favored by customers, plus exquisite and excellent craftsmanship quality, affinity and integrity. The service system has won the praise and trust of the majority of customer groups and won the public's good reputation. Photographing which is good, wedding dress looking for Laberry, to shoot the most beautiful wedding dress for your life.

Here, we have a fashion and avant-garde wedding dress pavilion , we use a lot of gorgeous lace, noble imported fabrics, beautiful long tail petals, colorful crystals and complicated hand-stitched embroidery, etc. Delicate expression of luxury and style. At the same time, the professional wedding dress designer's requirements for the quality of the wedding dress, tailored to the color, body, style and preferences of the bride in the northwest, are all appreciated by the new people, so that each of our brides is noble and not Lost luxury, beautiful and not lacking in temperament. Set off every bride to perfection.

LA BERRY WEDDING & DECORATION Co., Ltd. combines Korea's refined shooting process and design style with Penang mature studio management and localized and personalized family service. Since its establishment, it has won the perfect service with its innovative photographic style, perfection spirit and perfect service. The reputation of the vast number of consumers, customers are also friends and relatives, mutual recommendation, won the community affirmation.

In the spirit of service-oriented, we have set up a customer service center. Make an appointment from you, choose a dress, take a photo, see a sample.... Start to end all the processes. Customer Service Center staff are on hand to find out if you are fully serviced. To ensure that you get the most satisfactory service quality in every process of consumption.

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Jonathan & Jenny 15/01/2018

Let your imagination run where you'd like it to and relax in the knowledge that you are in the safest of hands. Our heritage and country are our pride and passion.

Jonathan & Jenny 15/01/2018

Wedding Bridal Fair

Looking for the perfect wedding package? Enjoy your one in a million day and let us help you do the rest! Come visit us at Aeon Mall Bukit Mertajam , Alma on this 26 March - 31 March 2019!

Wedding Bridal Fair


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